The Renault Sandero stands out as a stylish and sturdy hatchback, with appealing looks that convey both solidity and dynamism. The expressive contoured headlamps, bold front bumper and sporty grille combination perfectly matches its sleek bodywork. The exterior design gives an impression of a roomy interior, and upon entering the Renault Sandero, one is pleasantly surprised to find that the interior space is even bigger than one thought. The Sandero can carry five large adult occupants comfortably. But what about the luggage space? The Sandero has the biggest boot space in its segment, in some cases even larger than vehicles in higher segments.

The Sandero is made right here in South Africa and has been specially developed to suit our unique terrain and the adventurous spirit of the South African lifestyle. The Sandero’s design, both exterior and interior, is a pure impression of style and sturdiness in the bodywork. Not surprisingly, the Renault Sandero has been designed, adapted and tested to severe climatic conditions and difficult road surfaces in South Africa to ensure that it’s durable and reliable, even in extremely harsh conditions.

The Renault Sandero is unique; unparalled space and comfort combined with Renault’s safety heritage, the Sandero is simply unbeatable in its class.